What is an online casino?

Scheme: principle of operation of online casinos
Let’s start with the fact that online casinos are absolutely not suitable for investment. Especially for getting a stable income. Most people play to quench their thirst for excitement. And they do it right. Because those who expect to ensure a comfortable existence at the expense of gambling are waiting for a huge disappointment. They will definitely lose their money.

Is there a real online casino that works honestly
Yes. And more than one. All of them operate under a license, and also buy or rent special gaming software. It is based on a random number generator (as much as it is technically possible). Its data is interpreted into the results of a spin, throw, or card hand. Legal online casinos are expensive projects. You need to invest a lot of money in them. But the costs will definitely pay off. Because they bring their owners a constant and very high profit. Honest online casinos operate under the license of Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, Panama, Malta, Gibraltar, as well as other countries where online gambling is allowed at the legislative level.

Scammers in the world of online casinos
There are a lot of them. They usually mimic well-known sites and practice phishing. This is when the email address differs by several letters or is very similar to the one being copied. It is impossible to win against a fraudster. All the machines are hacked and are located on a server that belongs to him, not the game manufacturer. So he has complete control over them. Even if the player miraculously manages to win, they will never be allowed to withdraw money. Online casinos that cheat appear regularly. The only way to earn money there is to become the owner. But we don’t recommend doing this. Because it’s illegal.

You can win at an online casino, but you can’t win
This should be remembered by everyone who wants to place a bet in any gambling establishment: real or virtual. Winning rarely covers all that is invested in the game. It is often much smaller. All casinos (both online and offline) use devices with a high percentage of returns. It can reach 95 %. This is stressed by marketers who are engaged in promotion. Thanks to their work, players get the impression that they will win 95 times out of 100. Or at least lose only 5 % of the money spent. And this is far from the case. The essence of the return is that at random moments the machine gives out prize combinations, the total win for which reaches 95 % of the money invested in it. This can happen at any time: at the first start of the machine or at the thousandth. This behavior is inherent in the nature of the game. That is, the casino in any case has its own 5%, and the rest is given to players who are lucky. It is impossible to predict when a winning combination will appear. Of course, if the slot machine is located in an honest online casino. Is there a series of victories? Yes, but this is very rare. Usually players lose and only occasionally win. By the way, the same promotion methods are used online as in real casinos. During the opening and promotion, slot machines bring winnings much more often. Because gambling business owners know about the social cohesion of players. They constantly exchange information. Therefore, if the News leaks out that the casino has very generous slot machines, the number of its customers will constantly grow.

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