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Comrades In Your Titan Game

One of the things that keep me hooked on playing the read manga slam dunk game was that they always make the hunts feel fresh as the characters are always roasted. You will be able to play as Eren, Armin, Mikasa or Levi, but there will be times when you can play the game as […]

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The Beginning Of The Journey

The Nanatsu no Taiza Manga is a manga with 24 books that fall in the Action, Adventure and Fantasy category. The heroine is named Elizabeth Liones, who is the princess of the Kingdom of the Liones, which has been taken over by the Holy Knights. These knights are supposed to savve the kindom from the […]

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The Beginning Of The Hunger Games

We are going to discuss the plot of The hunger games series. Katniss, the main character, wakes in the morning of the reaping days when they choose who will tribute to the Hunger Games. Her family, which consists of her mom and her kid sister were sleeping near there. The father has passed away due to […]

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So I Played The Hayate no Gotoku Game!

I need to clarify things first: I've never seen Hayate no Gotoku! before. The only manga I have ever read is the Read akatsuki no yona manga I know it's anime talks about a head servant, however, that is about the degree of my insight. Still, I chose to try this game out. The Story:  You serve […]

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