Aptitude Tests For Recruitment

How do you fairly select applicants with the same benchmark? How do you screen out the cheats and the liars from the rest of the pack? How do you know if the skills claimed are usable or long forgotten? To answer these questions and more recruiters are now turning to knowledge tests in large numbers. […]

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Need To Sell Your Point Of Sale Equipment?

So your company has gotten along with your black and white Point of sale system for the better part of two decades. Despite the sneers of smartphone-holding salespeople and the jokes about working on such antiques, it has suited your purposes just fine, at least enough to let the management hold off on the cost […]

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5 Tips To Motivate Your Employees

One of the most basic yet vital skills any business owner or manager must master is to know about people management, and under people management comes employee motivation. A good manager must know how to motivate the employees in order to keep the focused and with positive energy. Remember that it is the motivation and […]

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