What is an online casino?

Scheme: principle of operation of online casinos
Let’s start with the fact that online casinos are categorically not suitable for investment. Especially for getting a stable income. Most people play to quench their thirst for excitement. And rightly so. Because those who expect to ensure a comfortable existence at the expense of gambling, will be a huge disappointment. They will definitely lose their money.

Is there a real online casino that works honestly
Yes. And more than one. All of them operate under a license, and also buy or rent special game software. It is based on a random number generator (as much as it is technically possible). Its data is interpreted as the results of a spin, roll, or card hand. Legal online casinos are expensive projects. You need to invest a lot of money in them. But the costs will definitely pay off. Because they bring their owners a constant and very high profit. Honest online casinos operate under the license of Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, Panama, Malta, Gibraltar, as well as other States where online gambling is allowed at the legislative level. It has been illegal to open an online casino in Russia since 2007. Therefore, legal Russian-language platforms are registered abroad.

Scammers in the world of online casinos
There are a lot of them. They usually mimic well-known sites and practice phishing. This is when the email address differs by several letters or is very similar to the one being copied. It is unrealistic to win against a fraudster. All the machines are hacked and are located on a server that belongs to him, not the game manufacturer. Therefore, he completely controls them. Even if the player miraculously manages to win, they will never be allowed to withdraw money. Online casinos that cheat appear regularly. The only way to earn money there is to become the owner. But we don’t recommend doing this. Because it’s illegal.

You can win at an online casino, but you can’t win
This should be remembered by everyone who wants to place a bet in any gambling establishment: real or virtual. Winning rarely covers everything that is invested in the game. It is often much smaller. All casinos (both online and offline) use devices with a high percentage of returns. It can reach 95 %. This is stressed by marketers who are engaged in promotion. Thanks to their work, the players get the impression that they will win 95 times out of 100. Or at least lose only 5 % of the money spent. This is far from the case. The essence of the return is that at random moments the machine gives out prize combinations, the total win for which reaches 95 % of the money invested in it. This can happen at any time: at the first start of the machine or at the thousandth. This behavior is inherent in the nature of the game. That is, the casino in any case has its own 5 %, and the rest is given to players who are lucky. It is impossible to predict when a winning combination will fall out. Of course, if the slot machine is located in an honest online casino. Is there a series of victories? Yes, but this is a very rare phenomenon. Usually players lose and only rarely win. By the way, the same promotion methods are used online as in real casinos. During the opening and promotion, slot machines bring winnings much more often. Because gambling business owners know about the social cohesion of players. They constantly exchange information. Therefore, if the news leaks out That the casino has very generous slot machines, the number of its customers will constantly grow.

How to choose an honest online casino
If you are driven by excitement and a desire to try your luck, take the time to choose the place where you will spend your money. Here’s what you need to pay attention to.

On the website of an honest and decent online casino that pays money, you must have:

• document number;

  • the name of the regulator and a link to its website.

If an online casino license is issued in Curacao or Cyprus, think twice. Not all regulators from these countries comply with the law.

The casino site must have slot machines and games from reliable, trusted companies.

It should be easy to contact representatives of a gambling establishment. It is desirable that the site contains information about organizations that help fight gambling addiction.

And on reliable third-party resources. Our rating will help you make the right choice. Consider the age of the online casino. The longer it works, the less risk that you will be tricked.

Can I win at an online casino?

An online casino (also a virtual casino or online casino) is a site that uses a special computer program that allows you to gamble on the Internet. There are a large number of online casinos that allow you to play various gambling games: slot machines, poker, roulette, and others. The result of the game is based on the operation of a random number generator (RNG).

Upon request, you will be offered a list of the best online casinos-from the best experts who will convince you of the safety of the recommended casinos, and their impeccable reputation, a large number of satisfied players and a low number of complaints. The main task of any casino is to attract new players and retain old ones. This is reflected in attractive bonus offers. Naturally, there will also be “reviews” of happy winners who have emptied the casino for several thousand.

So can I win at the casino? Of course you can. If you decide to tickle your nerves and try your luck, then go ahead! But determine the maximum amount you are willing to lose. It is very important to get out of the game in time and not let the excitement get the better of your mind. To win a small sum and stop is always better than to lose to the nines! I do not recommend taking the bonus (or wager) that you will be offered during registration. Let’s say that the casino has offered you a 100% bonus on your Deposit, that is, on the money you have invested. You made a $ 100 Deposit and received an additional $ 100 bonus, with your wager X30. This means that in order to get your winnings, you must first win back the bonus. To do this, you need to place bets in the amount of 3000 dollars. At the same time, you will win back the bonus in the games that the casino will offer you. Let’s say that you are lucky and won back the bonus, or did not take it at all.

Playing slot machines is pointless – after a while you will all lose! Let’s look at a roulette game where there is some hope of success. There are a large number of varieties of roulette. The simplest is the European roulette with one zero. There is also American with two zeros, mini roulette, roulette without zero, and others. And here is a green field with numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 (zero). How you will play-place bets on red or black, odd or even, more or less-this is your right. Maybe you decide to bet on numbers from 1 to 35 and hope that 36 and 0 don’t come up.

There are different systems for playing roulette. You can try any of them. NONE OF THEM GUARANTEES A WIN. The most common system is called martingale. This is not even a system, but a simple rule – when you lose, double your bet. Let’s say you bet $ 1 on red and won. Then the same bet and loss. And again! And so seven times. To win back we doubled the bet and our loss is 127 dollars. Well if you are lucky and put 128 dollars you will win back, and win 1 dollar !!! And if not? And here comes into play another trick of the casino-limiting the maximum bet size, and it is usually $ 250. There are examples from the history of Las Vegas casinos, when red fell 22 times in a row! So is it worth trying your luck? Of course, it’s up to you.

Las Vegas casino visitors will be required to follow the principles of social distance

The reopening of casinos in Las Vegas after being forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic will entail special requirements for visitors and owners of gambling establishments. In particular, guests will be required to keep a social distance at the tables with roulette and card games, as well as in the halls of slot machines.

It is expected that the work of 35 hotels with casinos will resume on may 22, but according to experts, it will take at least several months to restore the usual flow of tourists. This is due, among other things, to the restrictions that are imposed on players coming to Vegas.

Large hotels will have medical thermal imagers installed and will be asked to seek medical attention if guests with a high temperature are detected. In some institutions, it is possible to introduce a mandatory mask-wearing regime. Industry representatives believe that this will force some tourists to postpone visiting the city.

A report on the current state of Affairs in Las Vegas was shown in the program “Time” on channel One. The dealer is one of the gambling houses, answering a question of the correspondent Giorgi Elisashvili, exclaims: “Who will come to the casino if you have to wear masks and gloves? No one goes to the lab for a vacation!”.

At the same time, entertainment complexes and exhibition halls will be closed until at least July, and in the casinos themselves, at the request of the Nevada gaming control Board, companies of up to six people will be allowed to gather at the dice tables, and the blackjack tables will be designed for a maximum of three players. Owners of gambling establishments will be required to regularly disinfect chips, playing cards, dice and other props.

Against this background, the famous Las Vegas hotels and casinos are lowering their prices for accommodation to attract guests. So, the cost of living without resort fees and taxes in New York – New York now starts from just $ 29 per night, at the Sahara hotel is $ 76, just under $ 100 at Treasure Island and Caesars Palace, and at one of the most famous hotels in Vegas, the Bellagio-from $ 139.

Las Vegas casinos were closed due to an adverse epidemiological situation on March 19, 2020. Such an order was issued by the Governor of the state of Nevada Steve Sisolak. The special regime was expected to last for a month.

Greece plans to build an entertainment complex with a casino on the territory of the former airport

The Greek authorities decided to implement a modern entertainment complex with a casino, Park and beach areas on the territory of the former Hellinikon airport in Athens.

Earlier, a competition was launched in Greece to obtain the appropriate licenses that will allow creating a modern gambling and entertainment complex at the airport. According to reports, the new integrated resort will include a casino with 120 gaming tables and 1,200 slot machines, as well as a five-star hotel with two thousand rooms. In addition, investors also proposed to create conference halls, shopping centers, a theater, sports complexes and a Marina on the territory of the airport.

Representatives of the Fund for the use of state property in Greece said that at the moment they are faced with the task of turning the territory of the closed airport into a place that will attract new tourists and large foreign investors to the region.

A potential investor, Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, said that the new gambling and entertainment resort will attract between five and ten million tourists each year:

The resort will attract participants of various business forums to the region, as well as tourists who do not gamble, but want to relax in such a place. In addition, the entertainment facility will create new jobs and bring additional revenue to the budget.

Mohegan Gaming is among the interested companies that apply for a license to sell gambling facilities in Ellinikon. Major companies such as Caesars Entertainment Corp and Hard Rock International will also participate in the competition for a license.

In turn, investors who are interested in the construction of the resort, say that the estimated investment in the new gambling and entertainment facility will amount to 500 million to 1 billion euros. Also, according to experts, the Hellinikon project will create about 75,000 jobs and attract one million international visitors a year.

How the casino works. And why is it an honest business in which luck is still not on your side

How slot machines work
There are rooms for slot machines in casinos. They are called slot machines or slots. They are easy to play: the symbols spin on the slot screen, and the player’s task is to collect a winning combination. You Deposit a bill, set the game parameters, and place a bet. If several symbols are collected according to the specified parameters, you win. Symbols are collected by themselves according to the algorithm sewn into the slot: dexterity of hands and the force of pressing do not affect the result.

Casino activity in Russia is regulated by the law ” on state regulation of the organization and conduct of gambling»

In short, how a slot machine works: any slot machine is a computer with a screen and several buttons. At the heart of this computer is a chip that decides whether you win now or not. Its solution is based on mathematics, internal tuning, and a bunch of other things. The chip is designed so that it is impossible to predict its behavior specifically now, but that in the long run it will give a statistically predictable result on a large number of games.

Whether you win or not is decided by the chip in the computer
There were stories in the press about someone hacking slot chips with special emitters. They say that they gave out certain waves that confused the chip and made it pay the winnings at a predictable moment. Even if this is true, it is a crime in Russia — if caught, they can put you in jail.

There are a huge number of slot machine models. They are different companies whose names only make sense for casino owners. Regardless of the company and origin, all slot machines must be certified for playing in Russia and have customizable game parameters available only to casinos.

Still slot machines are divided by the type of case and differ in landing: upright and slant-top. On upright machines, the monitor is set almost vertically, at eye level; on slant-top, it is significantly tilted. The game process is the same for slot machines. The deciding factor when choosing a slot machine for a player will be the game they plan to play. The casinos where I worked preferred uprights. They had the most popular games, as well as mechanical rather than electronic buttons. They are more pleasant to click.

For the player, the slot machines differ in the quality of graphics, sound, body and buttons. Inside all the machines are soulless semiconductors and many layers of protection. There are no” more successful “or” less successful ” games on slot machines.

Can I win at the casino
Most of the jackpots and other winnings in the casino do not occur at the expense of the casino, but at the expense of other people’s losses. Almost any win on the slot machine means that you take the money that other players have fed to the slot machine. And if you are promised to tell you how to “ruin the casino”, do not believe it: either deceive you, or suggest that you cheat the casino. And both will not end well.

This does not prevent you from winning fairly, just do not think that you beat the casino in this way.