Online casino: how it works and what are its disadvantages

The probability of winning depends on the settings of the slot machine
Although advertising often offers “profitable slot machines”, the reality is not so generous towards risk-takers: a lot depends on the settings of the slots. And the company (which, we recall, does not comply with Russian law, and therefore does not bear responsibility to it) can set them up in any way.

No one can (and will not) guarantee the player that the real percentage of winnings fully corresponds to what is indicated on the casino website, in the characteristics of the machine.

Even if you managed to win once, don’t look for a trend in it. Online casinos are a highly profitable type of business, and the total amount of winnings will always be less than the total amount of losses of players.

Casino bonuses: are they really profitable?
Casinos actively offer their players bonuses for registration, first Deposit to the gaming account, or active play. Beginners may think that this is a great way to get money and withdraw it quickly, but is it?

In more than 90% of cases, the bonus must be wagered, i.e. the amount received must be repeatedly entered in the slots before you are eligible for withdrawal. Often you can’t do this without making your own funds. Only rarely do casinos offer bonuses that you don’t need to win back, but let’s be honest: you won’t win much thanks to them.

Possible problems with payments
The law banning money transfers to illegal gambling organizers came into force in 2018. Illegal gambling organizers should be understood primarily as online casinos and bookmakers that have not received the appropriate license in Russia.

In early 2019, the Federal tax service of Russia began compiling a list of individuals and companies to which Russian banks and payment systems are prohibited from transferring money. This list is being updated, and new companies are being added to it, on behalf of which online casinos and unlicensed bookmakers can work in Runet. Problems may arise both with the transfer of funds to such companies, and with receiving money from them. Accordingly, despite the promises of fast payouts, it may not be so easy to withdraw money from an online casino.

Fake online casinos
One of the types of fraud in which scammers create fake online casinos and attract players to them in various ways. Potential victims may be offered programs to hack this particular casino or, for example, a system that will only work in this casino. There are many options, each with its own fraud scheme, but the ultimate goal is the same-to force the player to Deposit real money to the account of the fraudsters ‘ project.

Each gambling site must contain documents about the license obtained, the legal address of the company, and so on. In most cases, these licenses are obtained in offshore zones: Gibraltar, Curacao, etc. No online casino will have a Russian license: as mentioned above, their activities are prohibited by law. But the fact is that it is difficult for a novice to verify the authenticity of even an offshore license. And for the most part, newcomers do not even pay attention to the presence or absence of documents.

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