Is Digital Marketing Better For My Business?

Businesses can't turn a blind eye to online advertising instead of nowadays, but when it comes to that platform to use, they should not just jump on online marketing without thinking about what medium suits their target market and for what they are trying to attain.

People have been predicting the death of print for many years due to the digital media explosion, but that's far from true. To get more information about internet marketing courses online via

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What are the pros of print and electronic advertising?

Print Advertising


– High participation and strong readership thanks to niche targeting

– The advertisement lasts as long as the physical publication does


– Ability to achieve targets on a global scale

– Cheaper to make

– Strong metrics (such as page views, number of subscribers, etc) makes it easier to quantify the effectiveness

As a company, you want prospects to trust you – if you are starting out, it's building that trust. If you are established, you need to keep it at all costs (it is so hard to regain when lost!)

Here are some things you can ask yourself to help with strategy:

1. Where do they spend most of their time-consuming information online?

2. Who do they trust most in the areas I can help?

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