Art Jewelry – The Eye and the Hand of the Artist

Mass-produced jewelry often looks more uniform and sometimes has no variation that speaks of the hands and eyes of individual artists. Machine-made jewelry is produced using perfect patterns and repetitions with a primary focus on profitability.

Even though mass-produced jewelry can appear as handmade, that doesn't mean it's really handmade. Although mass-produced jewelry in a general style is sometimes cheaper, because it's cheaper to make, it's not always the case. You can navigate to get more information about art jewelry and other fashion styles.

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Handmade Jewelry

While machine-made jewelry is produced from consistent patterns and repetitions, the charm of handmade art jewelry is a variation of identical, but not identical, identical pieces. Art jewelry shows the creativity, concentration, time, skill, and dedication that artists need to create their original work.

Love and Passion

Handmade jewelry offers pleasure from unique designs, often rarely identical and made with great love and passion. Art jewelry designers often use high-quality natural materials such as precious metals, precious and natural gemstones, antique components and organic elements such as coral, leather, wood, bones, amber, and pearls.  

Form of Art

Jewelry is an art form. Painters and sculptors embed their artworks with the power of great feelings that came through their design process and finished works. In the same way, art jewelry often reflects touch and personal style and expresses the personality and interests of the artist who created it. Many jewelry artists have training in art and design, even though others learn on their own.

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