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For advertising, social media is one of the best platforms considered by small and big companies. However, advertising on such a platform is different and way more different than traditional marketing. For this problem, there is another report called influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has been growing for the past few years reaching about $10billion worth.

1. Who is an Influencer? – Influencer or influencers are people who have massive followers on social media. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc are some of the most popular social media sites where influencers have many followers. Influencers keep posting blogs, posts or vlogs on their social media sites where many followers keep getting updated.

Influencers are not celebrities but tend to become one based on their following. Although celebrities have also tons of followers similar to influencers, but when it comes to trust factor on social media, people tend to trust influencers more over the celebrities.

2. How do they market? –Influencers are the first people who get a hand about a company’s new product. They will use the product for a few days and if they like it, they will review about the product through a blog, vlog or a post. This creates awareness about the product where many people get to watch and read about the product. This allows the company’s sales to rise and improve the brand image on the eyes of the consumers.

Influencer marketing is not going to stop and in fact it is growing for a better future. If you wish to become a professional influencer, then get yourself trained by enrolling yourself for business coaching in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.

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