Ceiling Design Ideas

No matter whether the walls are decorated with wallpaper, wood or paint, each room has a fifth element – the ceiling. 

The ceiling doesn’t have to be white, you can use creativity for the ceiling too.You can use the following ideas.

  • Panel with Wood Strips

Artificial wood ceiling (Also known as “ ???????????????? “ in the Thai language) panels are a fairly new trend. Using wood and other structures will help to break the ancient pine panels of the eighties.

  • Exposed Wood Structure

In this case literary creativity goes to the ceiling. The exposed wood structure, coming out of black paint, looks very good, and the room looks very high. 

Some tips: ceiling beam or board can also be used as ornaments. For example, if your room looks quite long, but not wide – place a transverse board to make the room look wider, and vice versa.

  • Concrete ceilings

Do you like industrial style, but without cold concrete floors and walls? Then you can try it with a ceiling. 

You can make concrete by only exposing existing building materials, or by using applied concrete plaster.

Whether you choose artificial wood paneling, tin tiles or colored paint, with the right ceiling design, you can turn any room into a work of art. You just need to believe it.

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