Step-by-Step Guide about Sales Funnel

Funnel sales are an important process for online marketing. Let's walk at each step funnel to get a clear understanding of how the funnel works. Your client enters the funnel by reacting to your ethical incentives or bribes to improve their hands and give you their contact information.

You keep giving grades to him, but you want him to make the transition from non-pay leads to paying customers. As a result, you give him a front-end, offering products or services that are directly related to the value he receives when choosing to join your list.

You can create a funnel for your business with the help of various online sources. You can also create clickfunnels via

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If the prospect doesn't buy your front-end product, you continue to sell it with the similar offer or different front-end deals – preferably both, because he might not be on the market for your current initial offer, but maybe later.

When he buys your front-end product, he is now a customer. Once he sees that you give more to your promise of value, he will feel more comfortable buying from you again.

You want to pass it to the next price level, so you make a bid on the higher one products or services related to entry-level products that have been purchased.

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