Information on Fiji’s National Drink Called Kava


Fiji’s popular and national drink is Kava. This drink is enjoyed during a ceremony or offered to tourists when invited by the locals at their house. This drink is the heart and soul for many Fijians which can be had at any point of the day. Here’s a sneak-peak about Fiji’s Kava.

  1. So, what is Kava? –Made of local pepper plant, kava is the plants root part. The roots are removed carefully and then crushed into fine grind which is then mixed with water. Once it is done mixing with water, it is then served inside a coconut shell. It has a muddy appearance and for some it may not be too appetizing. However, Kava is the National drink of Fiji where this drink is offered to tourists as a sign of respect during the Yaqona ceremony.Make sure to at least have a sip instead of ignoring it completely.
  2. So, how do you drink this Kava? –As Kava is served inside a coconut shell, it is then offered to tourists during the ceremony. Before you start drinking, you need to clap once, accept when offered by the locals and only then drink it. After that, you will have to clap once again and say the word ‘Bula’ proudly. If you happen to ignore taking a sip from this drink, the locals will consider it as an insult.
  3. So, does it have any Effects? – Yes, it does however; it is a very little numb sensation on your lips and tongue. One interesting tip, if you like it, you can drink more as it is known not to cause any sort of hangover.

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