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 While it is so much easier to just buy a boring one we see at the mall or at a passing store, maybe change it up a notch? Some of those that are not made from factories actually look better you know? Since they are made by hand, you can bet your butt that they are f higher quality since it was made by people who actually about what they are trying to make. Think about the finer details that go into that. So go ahead and look for some online handmade ties for sale.

You would be surprised what designs you will find once you go into the internet looking for some. Their designs are just out of this world. Really colorful too.

And they will definitely fit into any kind of suit you think of wearing for that day. Even if your suit is lighter in color or darker, whatever you want, they still fit. Granted they may be a little bit more expensive than what you are used to buying.

But that just means that their quality is way higher than what you should be used to. If you are going to a party or a meeting, are you going in halfheartedly? If so, then go ahead and use the factory made ones then.

There is nothing generally wrong with using them, it is just, we as humans really prefer the aesthetic parts of our life. We like pretty stuff and things that make us look pretty, you see? So it comes as no surprise when we said that we prefer it if we were wearing a nice tie over our nice suit.

They go well together, after all. If we already spent enough on the suit, then we should as well go for the mile. Buy some silk handmade ties if you so wish and splurge a little bit to your fancy. If it keeps you looking pretty then you should be spending just a bit on it. It is not every day you spend that much after all.

And it certainly is not every day you get to attend a party. If it is already so rare to get out and look fabulous then we should really out in our all. Show everyone that we know how to dress well if we so wish. And that this appearance that we often let other people see, the dumpy part that is always in ratty shirt and pants, CAN get pretty.

And who knows, maybe you can find someone you could talk to and engage n a little conversation with. Finally get your social life in order, yeah? While you are at it, flaunt a little bit. Just a little. Do not get too arrogant though because no one likes those. They get too off putting and suddenly all the people hate you.

But who could hate a man with a tie like that? Just kidding, EVERYONE could hate you even with that tie. Remember that just because you have that nice garment does not mean it excuses your attitude. Oh, far from it, dearie.

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