What Is SEO and How Has It Changed Over the Years?

Many business owners will here hear the phrase 'search engine optimization' from friends in the business community or even competitors and may consider it as a route to increasing earnings, but what's SEO?

We have a look back in SEO during the years and clarify what SEO is today and how best to utilize it for our site. You can browse online resources to contact Michigan seo agency.

Back at the start of the Millennium, the 'large' search engines that most people were using were Lycos and Excite. Of course, back then a tiny fraction of the UK population had access to the internet and those that did had a slow 'dial-up' system.

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Websites were one or two pages with basic information to allow them to load quickly. Search engine optimization practices back then were to 'conceal' as many keywords on a page as possible, so the site was found for those hunts without making the page look to spammy for visitors.

Google began to stamp down on 'spam' practices and websites. At precisely the exact same time Google realized that 'AdWords' were not likely to kill SEO and in fact, the 'natural listings' invited people back to their search engine platform. Google began to reevaluate 'specialist SEO' pros and encouraged great SEO instead of spamming SEO.

To rank a website in 2006 you just needed links back to your own website and so purchasing links/link exchange has been all the rage and many sites had a web page where they'd list businesses and links to their own website.


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