Perfect Destination Wedding Planning

Have you always dreamed of marriage on the beach in Jamaica, or in your inherited country? It is possible to turn your dream marriage into reality with fewer costs and difficulties than you can imagine.

According to the latest research conducted by the bridal group, 16 percent of couples are now planning Jamaica destination wedding in exotic places because of the desire to save money. Yes, destination weddings can be cheaper and far more luxurious than traditional wedding ceremonies, and that can do double duty as your honeymoon too.

Traditional wedding ceremonies require you to gather family and friends who are most likely spread throughout the country for a wedding ceremony that will last an average of four hours. If you are planning a destination wedding, your celebration can turn into a few days of casual memories made with the closest and dearest people to you, as opposed to a few hours with a hundred or more people in a formal setting.

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In addition, destination weddings can actually be cheaper than traditional weddings for brides. One reason is that many hotels will offer free basic wedding ceremonies if you plan to honeymoon at the hotel for a certain time.

Destination weddings can, however, be a little more expensive for guests in terms of prices and holidays, but can also do double duty as a vacation for them too. So take out the "save-the-date" cards on time, along with all the details about the fun and accommodations that are waiting for them if they choose to join you.

Organizing destination weddings can also be easier than planning a traditional wedding. Most hotels and resorts offer packages and wedding planning services, and you are welcome to add your own wedding assistance, wedding cake ratings and the like for a personal touch.

Once the location and hotel have been chosen, it is important to send an invitation at least 5 months in advance to give your guests enough time to plan the necessary travel arrangements, and, if necessary, arrange for a passport.

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