Tips to help you Read Wine Labels


Reading wine labels can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. Here are a few useful tips helping you to understand the labels written on a wine bottle.

  • Labels by Grape Variety – A wine bottle labelled with grape or with words such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Albarino means the bottle is labelled by the grape variety. What you need to understand is that there are a lot of different varieties of wine with the possibility of a bottle getting a label even though there is more than just one type of grape added. Bottles labeled by grape variety also depend on where the bottle is manufactured (different countries).
  • Wine Bottle Labeled by Region – Chablis, Chianti, Sancerre, Rioja and Bordeaux are a few lists of wines labeled by their respective regions. Countries such as Portugal, France, Spain and Italy usually practice this method of labeling their bottles. You need to understand the type of grape used to grow in their respective countries.
  • Wines Labeled by Name –Wines that are labeled by name consists of a fancy name. Such wines labeled by a name are actually the name of the producer. Some regions label their wines by names as to not allow other regions to use certain grapes in wine making. However, such certain grapes can be grown by the other regions. For example – Tuscan wines are made out of French-origin grapes. However, these wines aren’t allowed to label as Italian region wine. In short, named wines are those special wines that do not follow the laws of wine. Meaning, the details of these wines are available only on their website.

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