How to Remove Stumps From Your Yard?

Depending on the species, planting a tree can be a surprisingly pain-free process. With a little care taken to provide nutrients through fungi and watering, it's easy to stimulate rapid growth for the coming year. It can, therefore, be frustrating to deal with the often difficult challenge of entirely removing a tree.

Digging Out

An old standby, this technique is often used when the stump stands only a few inches above ground level. Possible, try and keep stumps at least a few feet above the ground to provide better leverage. A cutting mattock is the best tool for the job, letting you dig to the base of the stump, severing loose roots along the way. You can visit to get the best info about tree stump grinder.

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Grinding Away

When stumps are located near to walls and paths, tearing up the earth to get to the base of the stump may not be a viable option. For these awkward situations, many choose to go with a stump grinder. A cutter wheel with carbide teeth grinds away at the stump to below the soil surface, until it's largely destroyed.

Splitting Up

For smaller stumps, perhaps with a diameter no greater than ten inches, splitting can be a fast and effective method of removal. Simply cut away at the stump with an ax, or preferably a heavier maul, extracting sections of timber until only the roots remain. Smaller stumps can often be split straight down the middle, with both halves available to be removed instantly.

Natural Decay

Sometimes the easiest solution is to take no action at all since the stump will rot away over time without any outside help. For anyone looking to speed up the natural process, it's easy to hasten results. Make sure the stump is close to ground level and cover it with mulch or soil.


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