Looking For Part Time Child Care

Because we do not have all the time in the world and we also need to work in order to feed the said child. So in order for us to move on and actually get some productivity in, we have to find an alternative that does not lead to our kid dying. So we need someone to take care of them. Someone like a part time child care near Erie PA.

Or anywhere that is available, really. We are not one to pick as long as they know how to look after a kid who may or may not cause you to go insane. This person also has to be able to cook and have the patience of a saint.

While simultaneously being so firm and well disciplined that they do not just say yes to whatever the kid wants. We do not want out child spoiled anymore. They are already bad enough as it is, thank you very much.

Look, we are not looking for a Mary Poppins or anything, we just want someone who is willing to take their few hours off every day to make sure that our kid stays alive until we get home every night. That is all we need.

Not someone who is from a high prestige school of child care or something of the kind. Just someone who is not insane or a serial killer and God forbid we accidentally hire a pedophile. Those types of people still need to go to hell. And while we cannot actually say that our kid is a perfect and sweet, well behaved child, they at least have not brought the house down as of yet.

Or cause a fire to the entire neighborhood. We were not that bad at raising it, granted we still need a few pointers on how to. How long has it been? Five, six years? Man, we are seriously bad at this parenting business. And yeah, there actually is no perfect way to parenting but at least try.

What kind of parent are we if we did not, right? So please, our kid is not a devil kid, we just want him to be able to eat every night when we are not home and then be put to bed once his stomach is full. Preferably around eight pm to nine, you dig us?

Kids need a lot of sleep so they can grow taller than their own parents. And with ours eating like a starved football player, we are not afraid of that happening. Just that we do not want them to end up like some kind of heavy weight champ because of how fat they had become.

Again, we have to find someone that can say no when they think it is appropriate. Not someone who is practically a pushover to a lot of things and people. Especially to a kid no older than eight years old. This should not be so hard. Our kid is not THAT bad, seriously, and we need a goddamn break from all this work.

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