A Concise History around Velux Blinds

In 1941 Villum Kann Rasmussen, conscious of a nationwide shortage of living room in his homeland of Denmark, realized that there was a chance for growing loft space into economical living lodging and he acquired a roof window to allow in natural daylight, and VELUX had been born. On the other hand, the very first Velux roof ever made was set up in a brand new school.

The Velux title comes from the words and Lux, the latter term being Latin for mild. You may find the best velux blinds via

Almost seventy decades later the organization has grown to become the major global manufacturer of roof windows and also the term Velux is now a generic word for roof windows, and Velux blinds are now equally as well called the windows.

The business now provides not just solutions to clear roof lighting difficulties but offers many different unique shapes and sizes for windows that allow architects to earn positive layout announcements in a lot of projects.

It's long been proven that natural daylight has favorable emotional and health benefits along with also the idea of light and space having energy saving advantages is well recorded.

In America study has proven that exposure to spectrum lighting contributes to improved moods, improved attendance on the job health, and improved concentration levels, and Velux roof windows also have led to the health of many people's lives.

Though Velux supplies a large standard selection of roof windows and skylights, together with options for flat roofs etc. the business is still famous for it is sloping roof and blinds. 


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