How to Use an Ozone Generator in the Home

Ozone generators can be used in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, they fall under quite a bit of controversy since ozone is dangerous to humans and animals. The fact of the matter is that ozone is, in fact, dangerous to breathe in whenever it is condensed.

However, you can use it without being in the same room. With this technique, you will find that it’s an effective way to remove odors and allergy-causing airborne particles. It is important not to be in the same room as the ozone generator, so make sure that you clear out any people, pets, or plants that are also in the room that you’re treating.

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It’s pretty easy to use in the home, but you have to be quick leave the room after you’ve turned it on. Sealing up the room is an important part of it, especially if you’re treating for mold or smoke smell. If you’re treating one room, you can run it for five or six hours to completely get the smell out.

Most ozone generators have a timer, but you may need to reset it through its use. If that’s the case, make sure to cover your mouth and nose with a mask or towel before going into the room. After the ozone generator shuts off, you can wait another one to two hours for the ozone to dissipate.

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