Gutter Scoops, Gutter Rakes, and Other Useful vacuum Gutter Cleaning Tools

Depending on the kind of gutter and the quantity and variety of build-up, there are numerous gutter cleaning tools available. Some tools can be bought, some might be hanging around your home, and others can be reached in a few easy steps.

A gutter rake is useful for gutters filled with lightweight debris and leaves. It's also useful if your gutters are less than half full. The gutter rake permits you to scrape out your gutters and is 4 to 5 feet long. Each end of the rake is shaped letting you perform two functions.

On one end is a bit which may be used to pull on debris. This tool permits you to push on debris beneath other areas and gutter joints you can get rid of the debris. Both ends of the gutter rake can be used with either dry or wet debris.

Gutter rakes come with a threaded end which may be attached to a broom handle or extension rod, extending your reach for gutters cleaning Melbourne that are long or difficult to reach areas. The two tools have less leverage than a gutter rake and require longer Even though hoe or a rod will work in place of a gutter rake.

Gutter Scoops, Gutter Rakes, and Other Useful vacuum Gutter Cleaning Tools

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Another useful tool is a gutter scoop. To make a gutter scoop, simply find a recycled plastic jug with a handle and cut out the bottom at a slight angle. Milk jugs work good, but more heavy plastics, like those, will stand up. 


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