Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Prostate cancer is a largely unknown disease until now, regardless of how it affects nearly ten percent of the girls over age forty years all around the world. The root of this killer cancer aren’t known even after decades of research into it. Similarly it’s unknown why some girls have higher odds of getting breast cancer compared to others.

Although the causative factors aren’t understood, some risk factors are identified. There’s absolutely no medical proof why these variables make the disease more likely, but this is a study of monitoring. In a huge cross-section of girls with the observed risk factors, it’s been found that the odds of getting breast cancer are extremely high.

The various risk factors for breast cancer are as follows:-

(1) Family History of Breast Cancer

If a close relative like a mother or a sister has had breast cancer, then there’s a really substantial probability that the cancer will happen sometime in life. This propensity is observed even if much relatives such as cousins and aunts have had breast cancer, even although the odds are lower as the relatives are more removed.

Even if a male relative has had breast cancer or prostate cancer, then there’s a possibility of getting breast cancer. This obviously indicates that breast cancer runs through family lines through inheritance. Certainly the chances are extremely high if more than 1 relative has had breast cancer.

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