Issues to Check for in Your Annual UPS Maintenance

Every year we need to asses if our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is still ready to do what it was installed to do.  In many cases home and commercial buildings can go a year without a single power outage. This can lure people into a false sense of security. All these systems need a check-up just like we do with the doctor, we need to ensure that 'IF' the unthinkable happens, the system is still ready to function as it should. Click here to find out about the best eaton ups available throughout Australia.

Here are some fundamental issues that have arisen when teams have conducted a yearly check on inactive UPS systems.

As with all machinery components they break down over time due to wear-and-tear, the same as car breaks or batteries, inevitably they have to be replaced regardless of the quality of the system installed.

The battery itself should be the first port of call. An industry standard recommendation is to replace them anywhere between 3-5 years under standard conditions (a system with proper ventilation, in a city with average temperatures and that the system is not taking on too much power load) if this is not the case the battery can suffer.

A capacitor is a phrase you will come across when dealing with UPS engineers, what it does is eliminate any voltage fluctuations to enable a seamless transition in the result of power failure. A typical UPS system has multiple capacitors all joined, developed for smooth running, but when one capacitor has failed, the other automatically takes the load, meaning you have no idea one has failed.

A capacitors life expectancy is slightly higher than a battery usually around the 5-7 year mark as a ballpark. At this stage, it is recommended for a close visual inspection.  Engineers will use thermal imaging to detect any issues and replace as seen fit.

UPS system is technically advance and robust, but as with all our everyday tools, wear-and-tear is a reality, be sure to keep your system maintained every year regardless of warranty.

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