Tips For Using Air Compressor

Air Compressor is a powerful tool uses for different purposes. If your machine isn’t properly maintained, it is going to burn easily or will cost you expensive fees for repairs because of serious damage.

To be safe and to keep the machine running smoothly, there are safety precautions you need to learn.


Before using the air compressor, assess the amount of the oil if it’s well lubricated and if it’s not, add oil or alter if necessary. Take care not to spill the oil within the compressor surface when refilling. Powering your air compressor with no petroleum will seriously damage the device and it’ll cost a lot for repair. And worst is, damage may be not fixable that you will need to purchase a new one.

Check the air filter if it’s clogged or dirty

Clean and remove the clog to be certain your compressor will operate smoothly. If the filter shows signs of wear, you will need to replace it with a new filter. Belt-drive compressors are harmful so you should take care not to come in contact with the moving parts. Select a model with a security cover or shroud to be safer. If you are searching for an air pump then you can browse ‘PUMA air pump’ (which is also known as?????? PUMA ??????,???????????? in the Thai language).

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Check the area where your air compressor is located

 If you’re using a gas-powered air compressor, be certain the place is free from flammable or explosive fumes. It can seriously cause fire and explosion. When you ran out of gas, allow the unit cools before filling it with gasoline. If you’re using an electric-powered compressor, be certain it’s grounded before starting up. Don’t use long extension cords as it may result in fall of voltage and will damage your unit.

Things to do if you are done with the air compressor

  • Switch off the air compressor at first before disconnecting a power tool attached to it. If you’re using an electric-powered air compressor, then disconnect it from the socket.
  • Drain the whole system of any atmosphere and dry the moisture left in the tank by removing the drain valve. Place it back only when you’ll use the air compressor. This process will protect your device from rust or corrosion.


Follow these basic tips to keep you safe whilst using your air compressor in addition to it will maintain your compressor from minor damage. If you are a first time user of an air compressor, read the manual of the do’s and don’ts and the whole security measures and basic maintenance measures.

The procedure is easy and if you’re not sure you know the manual well, it’s much better to ask somebody who knows air compressor nicely. So, there you have it! Keep in mind, you should put safety first before you begin working.

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