The Benefits of Having Blown Attic Insulation

An Insight into Blown Attic Insulation and Its Advantages

An attic is a place which is often the primary location for air leaks in a home. By appointing a professional firm for carrying out blown attic insulation you will be able to ensure that the work will be performed as required and the firm will also take steps to block the air leaks that are present in your attic. In following sections let us delve into details of benefits you will have when you invest in attic insulation.

Inspection of Attic Insulation

blown attic insulationMany times it can happen that insulation in your attic is not meeting insulation needs of your house. This means the attic lacks the kind of insulation it requires and results in higher energy bills, mold problem and builds up of moisture. Professionals can perform necessary checks to ensure blown attic insulation you have is right for your home.
Moreover, regular inspection also helps in making sure that the insulation is performing as required. During the inspection some of the things that are checked include depth of the insulation, how is the surrounding area and condition insulation is in.
Before carrying out installation experts perform a necessary inspection to check for air leaks and they also examine intake ventilation. Experts will also analyze locations that would require air seals such as locations behind knee walls, attic hatch, exterior wall plate, plumbing pipes, furnace flues and wiring holes.

Replacement of Insulation

Replacement of insulation becomes necessary when its efficiency goes down and it is not able to meet safety requirements. By replacing your old attic insulation with new blown attic insulation wherein materials such as fiberglass and cellulose are used, you will be able to improve air quality within your home as well as experience better energy efficiency.
During replacement of insulation, many people opt for cellulose insulation due to mold resistance properties it has. In addition to it, it also stops the build-up of mildew as well as moisture in your attic.

Procedure for Insulation Installation

Blown attic insulation is usually made up of different materials ranging from cellulose to fiberglass and rock wool. These components are added to a blowing machine which is air pressurized and then the materials are blown into the attic under high pressure. The mixture of different insulation materials is generally blown using a long hose into the space where insulation is needed. The long hose means that insulation can be added in hard to reach areas as well with relative ease.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for the Task

By hiring professionals for this task you will have several benefits. Let us go through the details here.
  • Experts make sure that insulation spreads evenly inside attic space and achieves recommended depth.
  • Professionals also make sure that ceiling line air barrier remains tight.
  • Experts also examine other sections where air leaks might be taking place.
  • Professionals make sure that venting does not get blocked when the blown attic insulation work finishes.

A Final Note

To summarize we will say that blown attic insulation can be quite helpful in providing you required energy efficiency and lowering your energy bills. In addition to it, by taking professional help you will be able to ensure that the task will be carried out in right manner.

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