Nutrition Levels of Organic Food

Organic food offers a lot of nutrition – or at least that is what people who eat it say. There are a lot of reasons why people think that organic food is better. The reason why this is true is because it is free from all the remnants of the pesticides and toxins that regularly grown food has on it. Organic Foods in Brisbane are grown differently from conventional foods and that is what makes them so different from conventionally grown food.

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How is that possible?

An example to understand this is that if you grow an apple completely conventionally then the chances are it is being sprayed on during the growth process. This means that the farmers try to ensure it can be on the shelf for weeks. In a nutshell, an apple that has been on the shelf offers far less nutrition as opposed to one that has been taken off the tree and sold immediately.  The nutritional value has a tendency to deduce and then completely wash out from fruits and vegetables seven days after they have been harvested. Organic food tries to ensure the fruits and vegetables are consumed within that time and that is how and why their nutritional value is automatically increased.

This is also why their expiry date is a lot sooner than conventionally grown food. It all boils down the external chemicals that are applied to keep conventionally grown food fresher for longer. Because organic foods are free from them their nutritional and health values are higher and better.

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