Knee Replacement risks to be Aware

Knee replacement is a surgical option when the joint is damaged to such an extent that it hampers free movement and causes extreme pain.

The decision to undergo such a surgery is difficult. There is a lot of apprehension around how it is done, what materials are used for the artificial joints, do many people undergo such a surgery and what are the after effects?

Complications, however, do occur. If you or a loved one has experienced any of these symptoms after a knee replacement, please contact the DePuy Knee Lawyer Handling Claims to file a lawsuit against makers of knee implant.

Well, to answer each one of these questions in a nutshell, bones that are irreversibly broken require replacement. Upgrading a broken joint will let you maneuver around and feel better. Harm to the joint could be scheduled to arthritis, incidents, sports accidents and other such diseases that cause bloating and rigidity of the bones. The changed joint is normally composed of plastic or steel or a blend of both. The brand new joints last practically 10 – 15 years.

Now, considering the potential risks, joint substitute surgery like any other surgery has its risks. Listed below are the consequences that you’ll require to understand. Remember that almost all of the consequences are treatable so, ensure that you contact your physician immediately if you start to see the following symptoms.


The foremost threat of a joint replacing surgery is contamination. This infection may appear surrounding the wound or in the wound. The problem may be observed during your clinic stay, or a couple of days once you leave. Well, sometimes microbe infections occur years following the surgery. Minor microbe infections can be cured with drugs if the infection is profound, a re-surgery may be needed.

Blood Clots

Blood vessels clots may be observed and lumps of bloodstream can form around the wound. Over time of their time, these clots distress and bloating in those areas. Doctors generally suggest drugs that can make your blood vessels slim. Special stockings, exercises or boots can also help your blood vessels move faster.


The brand new joint may release. This triggers pain and lots of discomfort. Contact your physician immediately as this involves a re-operation to relocate the joint.

It is possible that the nerves near the replaced joint are damaged during surgery. This is not very common, but if there is a minor damage, it heals itself over time.


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