Comrades In Your Titan Game

One of the things that keep me hooked on playing the read manga slam dunk game was that they always make the hunts feel fresh as the characters are always roasted. You will be able to play as Eren, Armin, Mikasa or Levi, but there will be times when you can play the game as 1 in 10 characters, each of whom has a different combating style that depends on their personality. We have Armin here who is not a strong fighter, but he is an awesome tactician, so you will have the chance to look over a squad to attack the titans as a team. Levi, on the other hand, is a fast and strong fighter, so by playing in his role, you will be able to hit various titans in just one hit. These combat abilities will increase as you let the characters be played, and a combination of abilities will make your game feel a lot more authentic. 

The attack of titan manga game has good missions, as well as a lot of maps. I can travel back and forth using horses, most of the time guarding the innocent citizens to their safe homes, and stop the titans from destroying everything in their sight. Each mission will require a different set of characters who can join you in combats and help you a lot, but I did not like that feature very much. I did not like the sounds the females characters make when they run screaming. The producers really did a good job capturing the horror of Attack on Titan manga and bring them all into the game. As some of your comrades get grabbed by the Titan, be prepared for some mind wrecking screams. Although whether they are there or not does not affect your mission, but I think it affected me a lot. However, I still this is a game worths playing and would recommend it. 

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