The Beginning Of The Hunger Games

We are going to discuss the plot of The hunger games series. Katniss, the main character, wakes in the morning of the reaping days when they choose who will tribute to the Hunger Games. Her family, which consists of her mom and her kid sister were sleeping near there. The father has passed away due to an accident in his mining work some years prior. To help to feed the family, Katniss always goes hunting in the woods that is outside of her district. The girl's town is named District 12, the poorest in the nation. Her best friend is named Gale. 

Later that day, the reaping ceremony begins with the mayor talking about how the North America governments have collapsed, giving place for the country of Panem to rise up. There is a war between the Capitol, the government, and the districts. As the Capitol has won the war, it ensues a thing called the Hunger Game every year to remind the districts of their loss in the war. Haymitch is then introduced as the only survivor of the Hunger Games of District 12. The man has obviously drunk himself out to the point of tripping over his own vomits. 

The district has chosen a female tribute, and that girl is no other than our main character's younger sister. To save Prim, Katniss immediately volunteers to enter the game. Then, the district chooses the male participant, which is Peeta Mellark. This is also the guy that gave Katniss some bread years earlier as she was searching for food in the garbage bins. By doing so, Peeta has saved the whole Katniss family. 

The two teens bid their families goodbyes to board the train to the Capitol. The are introduced to Haymitch, the mentor of this team. 

The beginning of the novel is really outstanding, being a blend of fantasy, action and reality show. To read more Novel Reviews, stay in tune with us!

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