How To Use Social Media To Effectively Market Even The Most Boring Business

It can be difficult to engage with customers when you’re selling something that is so niche and specialist that the majority of people will skip over. Let’s face it; if you’re selling something like insurance or mining pipes it’s hard to make it sound glamorous! But it’s still vital that you connect with people and get all the benefits that social media has to offer.

Social media is one of the biggest sales weapons you have in your arsenal. You need to be on-board with it as it’s the future of marketing every business going. So if you need to generate some excitement around your product then you’ll need to think of creative ways to get people interested. Here are our top tips:


Competitions are a great way to create a buzz around your name. They encourage people to share your page with their friends if you do them right. Create a competition where people can win cash or something they really need in return for sharing the details of your product and asking people to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Make it catchy and memorable. Give it a couple of weeks to build momentum and then pick a name from all the people who have shared your page out of a hat. Make a big fuss about it, announcing the winner publicly. They will be thrilled and tell their friends! And you’ll have far more likers and followers on your page so it’s win/win!

Create Affiliations

Social media is all about networking. Associate yourselves online with other similar companies and see if you can scratch each other’s back. Share their updates and they will be more inclined to share yours. Invite people to write guest blogs for your sites, and return the favour to them. The more you get involved with other people in your industry, the more results you’ll start to notice. The awareness of your brand will increase and your company name will be in people’s consciousness.

Reward Your Customers

If your customers recommend you to other people by way of social media then let them know you’re grateful! Perhaps you could offer them 10% off their next purchase? Let them know you appreciate them passing your name on and do it in public so everyone else sees it too! It’ll give your customers the feel-good factor and encourage them to give you repeat business.

Create Discussion

Keep an eye out for jokes or articles that are relevant to your industry and share them on your social media sites. Encourage a bit of banter and discussion. People love getting involved and you’ll find that more and more people visit your sites to see what’s being talked about. Just be careful that it stays professional – you may need to moderate from time to time.

An online social media presence is nothing short of vital for any company that wants to move forward. So think about ways you can make your product sexy and get sharing! Beware – it’s an addictive pastime, particularly when you start seeing your bottom line increase!

David Baker is an avid blogger. He is currently employed with a well-known plumbing company. He is of the opinion that abrasion resistant pipes are a better option for plumbing, as they are less prone to damage.

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