5 Little Details That Can Make Your Website Design Stand Out From The Crowd

How many people do you know who have their own website? It seems like the fashionable thing to do at the moment and if you ask anyone there is a good chance they will have one. Most of those people have no design skills whatsoever and they can’t even afford to pay someone to make their site look beautiful. This is your chance to make your own website stand out amongst the crowd. You can differentiate yourself from people who don’t care about what their website looks like.

Do you know what the alternative is? Everyone who visits your site won’t appreciate how skilled you are. They might think you just spent a few hundred dollars on a nice WordPress theme. They might think you’re too poor to hire a designer and what does that say about your company? Don’t think you need to go crazy because it’s certainly not the case. We can look at a few design tricks that will make your website look different. Remember that the attention is in the detail.

Realistic buttons

When people put a button on their website it’s simple a rectangular shaped graphic. There is nothing special about it, so that is one of the first things you can do to stand out. You can make it very tempting for someone to click on because it looks like an actual button. Even if you are not a professional designer you can find places around the web that will sell realistic button graphics.

Follow the eyes

If you wanted to add a picture to your site you might just choose anything you thought was pretty. That isn’t the way to do it and when you’re adding any pictures you should always be thinking about how visitors will react to them. A good example is if someone in your picture is looking in a certain direction. Your visitors will wonder what they are looking at, which will hopefully be one of your products.

Add ribbons

Adding ribbons to your website will make it look nice. If you have a blog you want people to click on your headlines because it’s the only way they will be able to read your articles. Your headlines might look plain at the moment, but when you add a ribbon and stick the headline inside it will look great. There is a much bigger chance of someone clicking on it.

Play with shadows

If you drop in a few shadows you can make any graphic stand out. When you use shadows it will also make people feel like you’ve went to a lot of effort to make your site look great. I bet you feel the same way when you land on a website that pays attention to the details. It’s almost like you automatically respect and trust them more.

Overlap graphics

When you have different graphics on your site they don’t need to stand alone. You could easily overlap them and your webpage will feel a lot deeper. Another way to overlap pictures is to have a black and white one in the background then you would put a colored picture on top of it. The colored picture will stand out and the black and white one will make your webpage look more interesting.

It’s a dangerous world out there

If you don’t find a way to stand out there is no way you will become successful. A few people will become millionaires even if they have the most hideous website in the world, but if you’re smart you will know that the majority of people need to take it to another level and that is what you can do by implementing the ideas we’ve talked about today.

This post was written by Neena Jones; she works for a professional website design company in Toronto. When she is not busy designing websites for clients, she likes to indulge in adventure sports.

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