SEO For Lazy People

The problem with most people’s strategy when it comes to being successful online, is that they will tend to try and take the quickest route to success that they can find. Normally this means looking for any possible shortcut, and any possible way that they can avoid doing actual hard work themselves. Sounds a bit harsh maybe, but then look at how successful all these eBooks are that promise people overnight SEO success, and look at how many people have tried using black-hat SEO methods using automated scripts and programs. What is article spinning if not an example of people being too lazy to write high quality content themselves?

Of course though we all know how this ends. Lazy SEO strategies never pay off, just as Dick Dastardly never won a race in Whacky Races (actually I think he may have once but they refused to give him the prize money or something…). The point is that good SEO that works is all about delivering high quality content and spreading awareness for your business across the web using proven and effective marketing techniques – all of which takes time.

That said though, there are ways you can make your SEO work easier and shortcuts you can take that won’t impact on the quality of your finished product. Here we will look at some of those.

Outsourcing: The easiest way to make your SEO job a lot easier is simply to get someone else to do it. There are plenty of great SEO companies out there, many of which will happily handle the job for you allowing you to focus on the parts that you enjoy.

Getting Help: Of course there are many other ways that you can get help with your SEO, any of which will lighten your workload. One simple option is obviously to get your friends to help, and if you ‘team up’ on a website then you can easily assign SEO duties to someone else so that you can work on design or generating the content you enjoy. And if you don’t have a group of friends looking to help with your SEO, then you can always get help from people on webmaster forums and the like.

Another strategy is to get help from your fans. Advertise for a web-monkey to do maintenance and SEO jobs and you’ll be surprised how many people are happy to work for free. Likewise by allowing users to submit content you can rapidly grow the number of quality words on your website without actually lifting a finger yourself and this will likely be more impressive even than what you could achieve alone.

Software: While you should never use automated scripts to submit or request links (and certainly not in light of Google’s recent changes) there are many types of software that can make your job easier at least and help optimize your workflow. Take something like Dreamweaver for instance which will make it much easier to edit your files, or many of the online services that provide stats and feedback on your site’s performance.

Mike K is an Internet marketing consultant at Wisdek. He has loads of experience when it comes to search engine optimization. Although he concedes that hardwork can’t be substituted, but still has provided some useful tips minus the spam for lazy SEO’s out there.

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