Businesses That Have Been Slow To Go Online

Many of us are keenly aware of the power that the internet has to increase a company’s exposure, prestige and profits. Indeed, every day millions of enterprises utilise their online presence in a variety of ways to better reach their target audience. Although during the last few years this paradigm shift has steadily increased, there are still some sectors that are failing to correctly implement this important tool into their daily operations. Let us briefly examine five instances where this still remains the unfortunate case.

1. Charitable Organisations

While charities represent some of the largest publicly funded organisations in the world, only a small portion correctly use the synergy of online exposure and social media to drive inbound capital. This is due to a few important reasons that must be considered. Many charities lack the budgets necessary to create and maintain a viable web presence. Additionally, those that due report that they are unfamiliar with the best ways to manage this presence. Studies such as those produced by Mediatrust indicate that many charities suffer from these shortfalls although most appreciate how important an internet presence is to their operations.

2. Small Businesses

Many small businesses still are profoundly lacking in internet exposure. While in certain instances this may be attributed to a lack of time or funding for such projects, some enterprises maintain that the best way to drive revenue is by word-of-mouth. What most fail to realise is that as more potential customers use the internet to search for a certain good or service, their client base may indeed be eroding due to their competitors’ online presence. Such traditional modalities of thinking need to be adjusted for the very real presence of a virtual marketplace.

3. Product manufacturers

Like small businesses, startup companies may lack the liquidity to correctly employ an online marketing strategy. Furthermore, many such companies may place their emphasis on producing a certain product while failing to address their target demographic through online marketing and social media. It is commonplace for startups to focus solely on internal operations or physical manufacturing as opposed to marketing strategies and this often results in less inbound interest from a potentially lucrative marketplace.

4. Local Freelancers

Many freelancers that are based locally neglect to prioritise their online presence. This can be caused by a lack of knowledge or by simply (and sometimes erroneously) believing that all of their local business can be generated by physical presence alone. This is particularly true for tradesmen such as carpenters, painters and electricians. While it is important to maintain physical relationships with customers, such artisans and entrepreneurs also need to recognise that much of their potential business may be generated through online advertising. Unfortunately, some still do not believe that the internet will help enhance their operations.

5. Small to Medium-Sized Hotels

While the larger branded hotel chains have quite adequate internet capabilities, many smaller hotels fail to capitalise on the benefits an online social media presence can provide. Even if they do have a website, it tends to be static and rarely is their social media presence well-maintained . This can result in lost profits, less exposure and less capability to engage with clients which use social media and smartphone apps to search for and give feedback to hotels.

These five examples should serve to highlight certain business areas that are still substantially lacking an online presence. However, as time goes on it is expected that many of these previously mentioned sectors will begin to more readily adopt and effectively manage their online presence.

John is an online marketer working on a new project called Love Skip Hire which aims to bring the old fashioned world of skip hire into the 21st century!

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