Digital Products And Services You Should Build For Your Business

It’s old news now that any business should have a website, and really if you still don’t have one then you are severely behind the times and in need of updating. But building a website alone isn’t enough to completely modernise your organization and there are many different kinds of digital products and services that you should build for your site if you want to take full advantage of modern technology. Here we will look at the features you should add to your site and the other things you should develop that can help you to take full advantage of the web and the devices we use to explore it.


First and foremost you should of course have a website, and this should be one that looks as professional as possible while at the same time offering all the features and information that your visitors need. You might have a website already, but you need to ask yourself whether it’s representing your business the way you want it to.


Having a static website alone isn’t really enough, even if your site is well designed. By adding a blog you give your business more transparency and make it more personal and this is a great way to communicate with your customers and let them know about new updates. It’s also very good for your SEO as Google loves any site that is updated regularly.


This may not be suitable for every business, but if you sell a product you should certainly consider giving your visitors the option to buy online. This makes buying your items easier and quicker, but once again also helps to make your business appear more modern and more up-to-date.

Web Apps

If you want to go above and beyond the competition, then a web app can be a great way to do so. Web apps are applications that run right in your browser and these can be used to add more function to your site or to provide more tailored information.

Mobile Site

All these features will enhance your company’s ‘web offering’, but it’s important to remember that a large proportion of your visitors these days won’t be on a computer. This means they’ll still be able to access your site, but will be doing so on a device with a smaller screen and perhaps a slower connection. To get around this issue, providing a mobile site will mean they see a different version of your web pages that is optimized for these smaller devices and that will give them a better user experience.

Mobile Apps

If you want someone to have even quicker access to our information and to be able to interact with it in a more intuitive and rapid manner, then creating a mobile app is a great way to do this. This will be installed right on their device, but can link right into their browser and provide all the information. It’s also a great way to increase your brand awareness and reach a wider audience.

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