5 Evergreeen SEO Linkbuilding Techniques

Unless you have brand new information it’s dangerous listening to anything you hear on the Internet. That is because everything changes so fast and when something is written it can be out-of-date within a few weeks. You don’t want to listen to something only to find out it doesn’t apply anymore. It’s even worse when you’ve wasted some time taking action on that advice because at the end of the day you don’t have anything to show for it and it feels like you have been kicked in the teeth.

SEO is one of those things that fall into this category. Not only do you waste time you don’t have to waste, but you can also damage your website by following the bad advice. What if you are relying on the website profits to feed your family? You can’t let a mistake cost you everything and that’s why you need to know what is working right this second in SEO. These tactics aren’t your normal flash-in-the-pan methods because they should actually be around for years and years.

Share your message on other blogs

A wise man once said that the easiest way to build your own following is to leverage the popularity of other blogs by getting your articles published on their site. That is a lot harder than it seems, but not if you are a smart cookie and tackle it in a unique way. Start asking up-and-coming bloggers if you can write on their site because it’s easier than pitching big blogs. When their blog becomes much bigger your backlink from the article will become much stronger.

Just ask

When you make a connection with your audience they will feel like they owe you something. Not all of them, but some will be willing to do something for you. Buying one of your products will cost someone money and although people will do it, you won’t see everyone getting their bank card out just yet. If you ask them to recommend you by sharing your link with other people they will be much more willing. You can relax while people do the SEO work for you.

Don’t be shy

The people who don’t network with anyone online are the people who are making much less money than they could be bringing through the door. The reason for this is because building a great relationship with other bloggers means everyone can leverage each other’s audience. It’s the best way for newish blogs to see rapid growth, but you will also find the huge blogs doing it every day. It’s all about looking after your friends by building great backlinks for them.

Can you start a movement?

A movement shakes the ground it walks on and there is no better way of seeing success. This is all about having a vision and finding other people who share the same views. You then become the leader and you are the person with the website everyone comes to. There will be so many backlinks getting pointed towards your site that you won’t be able to stop smiling. Starting a movement is not impossible, but it’s definitely hard and someone like Seth Godin can help you.

Back at home

You can go out and try to build your SEO machine, but when you don’t look after what you have already got at home you will get fewer results. That means your on-page SEO needs to be just as amazing as your external SEO efforts. We all know that keyword stuffing is gone and as long as you mention something once it’s enough for Google to notice you. Don’t forget to link out to high-ranking websites, or interlink between all of your articles because it works.

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