Start Your New Business In One Day For Next To Nothing

You come up with the greatest idea in the world and it gets you really excited. It takes you a little while to contain your emotions. After all, you are about to become very rich. As soon as your wife comes home you sit down and tell her all about it. She is looking at you very strange. She doesn’t believe you have what it takes. “Whatever,” you say. It has to work, it’s great. Then you spend the next week thinking about it, until another great new idea pops into your head.

This happens a lot. You get these great ideas popping into your head every week. Perhaps even every day. The trouble is, if you don’t actually put them into action they will never be a business. It’s just an idea. You can build a business on an idea, but build you must. You can’t just sit there expecting miracles to happen. The best ideas in the world are probably sitting somewhere in peoples head because they were too lazy to do anything about them.

Strike while it’s hot

Get off your seat. As soon as you think you have a great idea you must put it into action straight away. I bet you aren’t unique and someone else will have the exact same idea as you. If not right away, they will very soon. You have to strike while the iron’s hot. That actually means you need to find out if people are prepared to pay money for it. Luckily you have the Internet these days.

Throw up a buy now page. The great thing about the Internet is you don’t even need to have a product or service for people to pay you money. You can just throw up a simple sales page and find out if they want to buy something. In the past it would have taken you months of work and lots of investment, but now it will only take you a day and a few dollars.

Get some easy traffic

Now that you have things like Google Adwords you can get visitors to your fake sales page right away. If you don’t know how to use it you can just look it up on the Internet and find out for free. It’s a businessman’s dream come true. No money to spend and you can test out ideas until the cows come home. Once you have your campaign set up drive some traffic.

Now people are going to be landing on your page and they will see your offer. Hundreds of them. It’s a big enough range to take away some worthwhile figures. You’ll need to test it to find out if someone is trying to buy the fake product, but if they are you know it’s a profitable idea. To do this you can just use some simple tools to find out what someone is clicking.

There’s no excuses

It was not your fault in the past if you had a great idea and didn’t follow through with it. These days it’s all your fault. Don’t bother sitting on your backside dreaming of greatness, because if you can’t test an idea with everything we have available you will never succeed. You will always be one of those guys who likes to think rather than act. Find out what works and start your business. It’s time to change the world.

Matt M. works as a freelancer with Stanley Davis , a company that offers services to help you with your business right from the start. He writes posts about business tips and techniques.

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