Need To Sell Your Point Of Sale Equipment?

So your company has gotten along with your black and white Point of sale system for the better part of two decades. Despite the sneers of smartphone-holding salespeople and the jokes about working on such antiques, it has suited your purposes just fine, at least enough to let the management hold off on the cost of installing a more modern system. Now that the shiny new flat screens with voice activation and biometric scanning features have been put into place, there is the issue of what to do with hundreds of pounds worth of the old Point of Sale, or pos system. Unless you are willing to incur the expensive disposal costs associated with old computers (they have some pretty toxic stuff in there), it appears that your company must now figure out how to sell point of sale equipment on the open market.

While most used electronic company is hard enough to give away, and must usually be sold for a fraction of pennies to the dollar to local scrappers who take out the still-useful raw materials of the system, a point of sale system of any age is a hot commodity on the secondary market. Small to mid size firms with limited budgets must get by with paper- based sales and inventory systems, or have to jury rig a few regular PC’s for the purpose. Doing the latter entails the sacrifice of many man-hours transferring sales data from paper documents onto spreadsheets. The fact that all but the most primitive electronic point of sale systems can automatically upload the days data to a spreadsheet can save these firms hundreds of dollars a month in labor and paper purchases. These are the clients you can sell point of sale equipment to.

Before getting all excited about recouping part of your initial investment , it is important to remember that it is unlikely that there will be many people interested on equipment too old to work with modern graphical PCs. Internet operation is a plus, but not required. As long as the data from the system can be uploaded to a modern PC (Most DOS based systems can), the old pos systems will still provide the new owner with many improvements in efficiency.

So once you have determined that your old hardware can still be useful to a secondhand buyer, the next stage to sell point of sale equipment is to find a buyer. It is not as simple as posting a classified ad, as your potential market to too small to count on that means of advertising. The best solution is to seek out a seller of secondhand business equipment. Going this route, you have the option of choosing a company that will pay you cash up from for the entire system, or find you a buyer and arrange the whole deal in exchange for a share of the proceeds. If the storage space used up by the old system is an issue, the the former option to sell point of sale is definitely the one for you! 

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