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If you think that Twitter or Facebook are harmless toys and nobody takes them seriously, you should rethink before your company loses credibility, money or valuable IP due to a social media blunder. Over 1.5 billion pieces of content are shared on social media platforms worldwide every hour, and this new ecosystem is full of […]

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How To Use Social Media To Effectively Market Even The Most Boring Business

It can be difficult to engage with customers when you’re selling something that is so niche and specialist that the majority of people will skip over. Let’s face it; if you’re selling something like insurance or mining pipes it’s hard to make it sound glamorous! But it’s still vital that you connect with people and […]

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Ways To Get A Buyer In A Twitter- Real Estate Agents Manual

As a real estate agent, it never hurts to find new and interesting ways to sell a home. Social media websites such as Twitter provide this opportunity to the creative real estate agent looking for an additional way to market their homes and services. While the sales will not come pouring in once you open a Twitter account, […]

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5 Benefits of Review Monitoring Companies

Today, there is an online review site for just about anything. You can find reviews sites for products, restaurants, hotels—anything you need, there’s a review site for it. Many companies have yet to realize the effects that online review sites can have on their business. Positive reviews can help generate business to your company and […]

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Your Company Social Media Strategy

As the idea of social media has grown and matured, more companies have begun to see social networks as a better way for them to connect with their customer base. Though the potential may be clear to see, many businesses are still unsure of how to develop a successful social media strategy that will yield […]

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