Study Tips For Passing The Enrolled Agent Exam

If you are serious about taking the enrolled agent exam, then you will want to sign up for an ea review course.  While there are many irs enrolled agent courses available, you should find one that not only includes all three sections but also provides video lectures of the topics.  There are at least two courses which provide you with all of the textbooks you will need, several hours of video lectures that go over key concepts and especially difficult problems, in addition to testing software.

It is recommended that students use the online testing software, while they are studying each section.  In particular, software offered by the gleim ea review, is especially helpful, since it can help to isolate subjects you are having difficulty with and will keep prompting you with questions from that subject matter until you demonstrate proficiency.  Many students also have questions about how long they should study for the enrolled agent exam, and of course, that will depend on the individual student's background and how well they do on the practice exams.  Though, generally, you will want to spend at least one or two months studying and preparing for the official exam before you take it.  It is important to remember that the test is updated each year in May, so if you are near the cutoff, you will want to take the test as soon as possible, provided that you are doing well on the practice exams and are prepared to site for the enrolled agent exam.  If you have scheduled a test date already for the exam, and something comes up or you aren't getting a passing score on the practice tests, remember that you can always reschedule your test date.  Unlike other proctored tests that are only offered a few times a year, the enrolled agent exam is offered throughout the year and the test proctor is quite accommodating.

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