All About Tax Audits Cases

In some cases the major issues that need to be immediately verified it is important to make a special visit to the local tax office where the taxpayer has filed their case one of the branches. You can know about tax audit via HighBury Tax Solutions.

In a similar case, the head of the section marks the audit request as urgent notice and a copy of this request is stored in the taxpayer's file. The tax audit will not be settled unless an answer has been obtained.

Some specific tax audits for special cases and the taxpayer requests different cases.

Desk audits in cases of taxpayer registration

When, according to its laws for tax audit registration, tax office forces a particular taxpayer to file their case, this taxpayer is selected for audit and his file is obtained by the audit section after the taxpayer has been selected for audit by the registration section. 

If the automatic audit program is in use, after the data are received, they should be listed in this automatic audit program and registered as a manually selected audit.

Upon receipt of the audit report, the auditor immediately informs the taxpayer. If there is opposition by the taxpayer, the inspector first should ask and if after this the taxpayer proceeds to refuse the audit, the auditor, according to the law on tax procedures, proposes the corresponding fine to the tax office.

The tax office accepts the penalty for the taxpayer, explaining the reasons for this penalty and the powers invested by the law on tax procedures. 

If this fails to make the audit of the taxpayer likely a second audit announcement is issued, and the issue is forwarded to the enforcement section and higher authority forced to take further action in compliance with their powers.You can browse this site in order to get more information about tax audits.

If the audit starts, during the audit it is important to take all the data about the registration of the audited taxpayer. 

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