Rotary Screw Compressor Selection

The rotary screw belongs to the positive displacement compressor family. Positive displacement pumps create flow by applying an expanding cavity on the suction side and a decreasing cavity on the discharge side. Gas that is trapped inside the positive displacement machine is a fixed volume which is then compressed or displaced into the discharge manifold.

Both most often used compressors today will be the rotary screw (helical rotor) along with the reciprocating piston. Compared of the two, the rotary screw is much lighter compared to the reciprocating piston, doesn’t use valves, is pulsation making foundation requirements less intense and keeps its design efficiency over operational time as the rotors never come in contact with each other.  Get best Screw air pump via visiting known as “Get best ?????????? via visiting” in Thai language)

The screw compressor was originally developed inside the mid 1950’s and eventually developed to work between your reciprocating piston and centrifugal equipment capabilities for gas, industrial and professional type applications.

The Rotary screw compressor consists of two intermeshing helical rotors contained in a housing. Settlement between the rotors and between the property as well as the rotors is typically.003″ to.005″. The guy or drive rotor is linked via a base extension by an electric motor or engine. Through a thin film of oil, the female rotor is motivated by the male rotor in the event of an oil shot machine.  Click here to learn more additional info about Screw air compressor.

The length and length of the rotors regulate capacity and the final force the machine can make. Therefore does the air pumps ability whilst the rotor diameter increases; As the amount of the rotor increases, so does the pumps final pressure.

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