Ways To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Cut flowers are generally used for decorative purposes at different occasions such as weddings, birthdays etc. However, keeping your flowers fresh and crisp before the event is a real hassle, something we've all faced at multiple occasions of our lives. Although, it may seem like an impossible task, one you almost always fail to succeed in, knowing the right set of tips can actually save your precious flowers and keep them healthy and fresh for a longer period of time. So now you can extend the lifespan of your flowers with the help of the tips mentioned below:


1. The right temperature

Place the stem of the flowers in Luke warm water and make sure they are completely submerged. This is useful because the absorption of room temperature or Luke warm water is higher than that of cold water, hence the flowers will receive sufficient water and will remain fresh.

2. Remove excess leaves

To ensure that there is no buildup of bacteria and mould, make sure that you remove any excess leaves either submerged or touching the surface of the water because bacteria can grow and live to feed upon these leaves causing damage to the flowers.

3. Regular change of water:

It is necessary that the water in your flower holding container is frequently replaced with fresh water to prevent the chance of any fungi or bacteria growing and attacking the flowers.

Florist Cannon Hill approves of these tips to make your flowers stay fresher and retain their scent and beauty, so do give them a try.

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