Visit Dubrovnik – Tips For Tourists

Should you want to visit Dubrovnik – you’ll find a lot of issues you just must see. Dubrovnik is situated in Southern Dalmatia, the most beautiful part of Dubrovnik and the coast is among the beautiful locations to the Croatian coast.



In about to visit Dubrovnik it is possible to consider 3 various ways of arrival:

  1. by plane
  2. by boat
  3. by car

You’ll appear to Dubrovnik airport that lies 20km, if you arrive at Dubrovnik by airplane. Coach transfer to Dubrovnik (after entrance) is organized for every single regular flight. There is a taxi service available throughout the day. If you want to Croatia sailing , start your journey in the port of Dubrovnik. It is one of Croatia’s most visited tourist attraction place.

Dubrovnik has good vessel connections to different Croatian harbours and to Bari Harbor in Italy. Vehicles no. 1a, 1b,1c, 3 and 8 will take you from Harbor towards the Previous City in about twenty minutes. You can purchase bus ticket on the coach (in the cost of the 10,00 HRK) or you can buy it at the news-stand (the purchase price is 8,00 HRK). HRK means “hrvatska kuna”.

You are able to do that from Main and West Europe in several ways if you decide to visit Dubrovnik by car. You can incorporate freeway and the coastal road, enjoying similarly appealing scenery and seaside landscape through the part of the country.

It is extremely hard to see Dubrovnik by practice because you will find no train companies to Dubrovnik as the area does not have a trainstation.


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