Term Life Insurance Or Permanent Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is often called insurance in its most original form. Insurance means to pay for protection for an unexpected tragedy and that is exactly what term life insurance does.

While other types of insurance do little "extras" here and there – like investment and additional coverage – term life insurance covers you for a specified purpose and nothing more. It also does not link to any investment asset so is free of any investment risks. You can browse http://www.lavineltcins.com/seattle-long-term-care-insurance-agent/ to get the best life insurance policy.

However, differing kinds of policies can actually prove to be bad or good better for different folks depending on need and other things.

It is important to grasp how to differentiate between a bad and good life long term policy for gaining maximum benefits. Of the three kinds of policies, the Term life insurance Policy is the commonest.

Permanent/cash value: Permanent policies are often referred to as "cash value" policies because they usually include a death benefit and some type of long-term, tax-advantaged savings plan. These are usually called whole life insurance and universal life insurance policies.

So term life policies pay a death benefit. (Side note: how much of an oxymoron is "death benefit"?) That's it. It's simple, and that's one of the attractive things about term policies.


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