Is Paddle Boarding a Trend?

Today, I believe most people who live near anybody of water have either seen someone or been told something relating to this enjoyable new sport. It’s the hottest and speediest growing drinking water sport on the planet called "stand up Paddle Boarding". It’s generally known as paddle browsing or SUP brief for “stand up Paddling" You can navigate this for buying various types of paddle boards.

Research shows that kind of activity dates back decades in French Polynesia where indigenous tribes were seen sitting on hollowed out logs. By the first 1950's, beach young boys in Hawaii were seen by travelers vacationing on the Hawaiian Islands sitting on their surfboards positioning long real wood paddles. Today “stand up Paddling" planks are lighter, wider, and faster and come in greater types of color advertisement design.

Presently, this sport is flourishing all around the world. Races, occasions and contests are being placed in a number of countries including Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Canada and Australia. The average individual who may well not have ever before competed in a sport before, are fighting in SUP races worldwide.

The first & most essential device is the paddle planks themselves. Paddle manufactures and paddle mother board retailers have a huge collection of design types to choose from. Planks of fiberglass and epoxy are the most frequent type plus they range between 12 to 19 legs in length. A fresh technology that is increasing traction on the market can be an epoxy surf mother board that is lighter and better than the fiberglass version.

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