Credit Repair Programs – Don’t Decide on a Company Until You Read This

There's no shortage of credit repair programs. Some say they do it, others teach you how to do it yourself. Others, say they'll create a whole new you, in my case expectantly thinner. The verdict isn't out on how legal that is. I'm sure well find out about it when it land a couple of folks in jail.

For this article I'm going to cover what I did to repair my credit myself. I didn't have the money to pay an expert and I'm OK with my identity, so I opted to learn a little about credit. Good credit repair programs will show you how to tactic the credit problem and address the most damaging issues first. You can visit to know more about credit repair programs.

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It'll go into detail and give you choices on how to handle a denial. With my credit for example, I found an account with a collection company that was violating my privileges by re-aging a bad debt. My initial dispute letter was regarding the re-aging issue and requesting it be detached.

It came back with a correction but no removal. If I didn't know any better I might have left it at that. I went back to them with a dispute over the company not having the appropriate proof of my debt. I requested they provide proof with proper accounting for the amount. That's what did it.


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