Masters of Wine and Master Sommelier – The Pinnacle of The Wine Knowledge

Could you make clear what a Grasp Sommelier (MS) or Grasp of Wine (MW) means to people? If you have a cursory understanding of what a MS and MW designation means in the world of wine beverages, but certainly not enough to be conversant, a few check out this topic.

In wine, a person with a MS or MW after their name is the equivalent of CPA (CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT) after the name of an accountant. The CPA (CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT) is important to almost all of us at tax time but the MS or MW can be useful all year long. For more information about wine business you can contact to our expert Michael Asimos.

You will find basically two highly respectable organizations that award designations to people who can demonstrate a high level of expertise in all things wine. However, each of the two has a focus that is significantly different in method of wine.

One focuses on the serving of wine in a culinary or restaurant environment, while the other has a more traditional approach to wine and its heritage (the art, science and business of wine).

In respect to the elder of the two organizations is the Experts of Wine. The ruling body of this subject is The Institute of Masters of Wine.

A Master of Wine, as defined by the Company, is “someone who has demonstrated, by way of rigorous examination, a thorough knowledge of all aspects of wine and an ability to communicate that knowledge clearly”. Currently there are approximately 300 such titled individuals around the Planet with 31 in the U. S.

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