Different Types of Auto Insurance Policies

Car insurance service proposals protection to the driver and passengers in the occurrence an accident occurs. But it is up to you to select the level of protection you will get.

Different types of car insurance policies.

Types of auto insurance policy

Third party or Liability insurance – 

This is frequently the lowest form of auto insurance policy presented by auto insurance service providers. This is the rudimentary insurance policy you can have if you got involved in an accident, and after investigation, it was shown to be your fault, the auto insurance service provider will pay all the damages to the other party of the accident. You can also visit http://www.planoinsurance.com/ for getting the low-cost insurance plans.

Collision and comprehensive insurance coverage –

In a simpler term, comprehensive insurance coverage proposals you protection in case you got involved in an accident and are demonstrated to be responsible for the collision the insurance provider will pay for the repair of the vehicle.

Medical, Personal Injury protection and no fault cover – 

This insurance will shelter the medical expense for you and your passengers just in case you got involved in a collision. The insurance service provider under the no-fault cover insurance policy will pay you regardless of who is at fault in the accident. This delivers you the peace of mind for your family and friends.


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