Things to Consider when Buying an Air Compressor in Brisbane

 To make a right or good buying decision when searching for an air compressor brisbane, consider the following tips.

1. It is important for you to know the way an air compressor works. The principle is simple, as air or gas can be compressed and stored in a tank from where it can be later released providing power to some tools thanks to the free air pressure.

2. CFM or cubic feet per minute is used to measure the capacity of an air compressor Brisbane. Units intended for home usage have 90 lbs per square inch CFM. Nailers and other similar smaller tools usually require a CFM between 1 and 5, while bigger and more powerful tools such as a grinder need 10.

3. You need to determine the size of the compressor's storage tank. Its size depends on and can be determined by how you needt to use the air compressor. Let's not forget that a larger storage tank means more available power for such powerful and big tools as a grinder. Such big storage tank is the perfect option for paint sprayers which require a steady air supply.

4. You can use various power sources to run your air compressor. Some models run on gasoline while others on electricity. A compressor that runs on gasoline are more powerful than their electric counterparts but are not recommended for indoor use because of the exhausted fumes.

5. The shape and size of the air compressor are other factors to mind when searching for one. It is easier and simpler to move around a horizontal compressor while the storage is simpler with a vertical model. Sometimes two persons are needed to move around a heavier air compressor. Units that run on gas are heavier and require two persons at least to move them around.

6. You need to be fully aware of what you are purchasing and considering all main factors. To get the most suitable air compressor for you and your needs, you need to know its size and power and also its designed purpose.

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