The Different Types Of Safety Storage Cabinet

When dealing with hazardous substances, we are always aware of the dangers of them, such as contact with corrosive chemicals or the inhalation of a toxic gas. However, we seem to forget that the correct storage of these materials is vital for the shelf life of them and also the safety of the people who are using them on a regular basis. Safety storage cabinets are used in most businesses where chemicals and dangerous substances are used for work purposes, and they are an important part of the safety process. In this article we will look at the different types of storage cabinets that are available for various dangerous substances.

Used Flammable Storage Cabinets

As the name states,used flammable storage cabinets are for the storage of any substance that is easily ignited or for substances that are at constant threat from a naked flame. The cabinets are intended to isolate flammable materials and vapours from potential sources of ignition, and are usually painted in a bright yellow color to easily identify the substances if a fire broke out in the workplace. This means that the flammable substances could be removed quickly and easily to avoid possible explosions or other sources of fire. Some flammable storage cabinets are made with a flame proof material, which provides even more safety against highly ignitable substances.

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical storage cabinets are for safely storing and segregating corrosive acid and alkali substances in the workplace. They are usually seam welded with thick zinc steel for rigidity and also for added protection against corrosion. With individual signs placed on each door of the cabinet, identification of potentially hazardous chemicals is easy. These types of storage cabinets are sometimes used in schools where the science department experiment with chemicals.

Pesticide storage cabinets

Pesticide storage cabinets are used in many agricultural environments and are a great way of safely storing hazardous material. Many pesticides can be very dangerous for human health, and must be treated with the utmost care and consideration. The storage cabinets are usually bright red, in order to identify the location when needed.

Storage Chests & Bins

Storage chests and bins are often used for the disposal or transportation of hazardous substances in the workplace. You will usually find separate bins being used for different types of disposal, as flammable substances will need a flame protective coating, whereas a chemical disposal bin will need a good solid material to prevent the chemicals from corroding the bins structure.

The Safety storage cabinets are a fantastic way of safely storing and segregating hazardous substances in many different workplaces. The bright colorful exterior of the cabinets are a great feature for identifying location and substance from a quick glance, and are often needed in fast paced environments. Whatever hazardous material the cabinet is used for, you will be safe in the knowledge that it will be protecting human health and protecting against possible destruction from the incorrect storage of dangerous substances.


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