How to Face The Divorce Difficulties

January is the month for making a clean start with resolutions, but it's also known for another life-altering event: divorce.

Why does January make couples need to formally head for "Splitsville"? A variety of reasons, including not attempting to serve their partner with divorce through the holiday season, which makes it easier on families by remaining "whole" during Christmas, as well as for various fiscal reasons.

When you get through the agonizing process of splitting up through divorce, which may take years or months, these are seven things NEVER to do:

1. Don't make any extreme physical changes

Skip the tats or piercings for now. It is normal to feel "rebellious" after divorce, but doing anything permanent for your body is something which you could repent soon after you do it!

2. Don't expect your ex-husband to be realistic

Like anywhere in life, we can never alter anyone else's behavior. The only real thing we might do is alter ourselves. On becoming the person that is reasonable, the single thing you are able to do to help will be to mindfully focus — and hopefully he'll find and improve his conduct.

3. Don't hook up with an ex

This man was an "ex" to get a reason. Looking up someone you'd dated previously is much like reaching out for a classic sweater that doesn't fit nicely, but is super comfy. Having relaxation may be unfair to yourself and your ex.

4. Don't skip counseling

Since it's stabbing for virtually everyone, not going to therapy is generally a blunder after divorce. Discover a new one in case you did not like your therapist that is last. There are thousands out there — locate one who you have chemistry with. You need to work on yourself before you'll be able to confront the world of relationship in a healthy way again as well as cure the wounds. Meet divorced singles to share your opinions.


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